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I M not a member of any rifile club and i dont have any licence to use these items. Can i buy the same without taking the above things?

Kindly guide me how can I buy an air rifle from you?.... I am a registered rifle club member.

I have order Marauder on feb.2016, payment also done throught NEFT. They told me you will get it after three months, but after three months they say it is stuck in custom it will take 1month. After 1month again they say it is stuck in custom it will take 1month.... it goes on.... after lots of call and enquiry i told them to refund me so they ask my account details. I gave them and The next day i ask they when they will refund, they request me to wait 1 week... same as before after one week they request me to wait for another week. Then after the week is gone i call them they reply that you order is with us we will send you courier details: they never send me courier detail nor refund me. its now 1 month gone.... i am fuck up...never order anything or pay for this site.... all is fake.... i am going to file an FIR for this.

My query has never been entertain for answer.Sent so many inquiry about Benjamin Trail Np XL via email,never got an answer till date.

Can I view the product before I place an order

How can i buy air rifle..i dont have a rifle club membership.. how can i join it please help

What is PCP

Do I really need any kind of certificate to buy "Dan Wesson 2.5" CO2 BB Revolver"

No information received about product order. Making fool of people.

Can I buy the Beeman R1 supermagnum Carbine? I am not a Rifle Club member.