Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


i am not a member of any club how can i purchase a air rifle

I want to buy Benjamin trail NP XL .22. I am not member of any shooting club. If that is compulsion then I can try to become one of these club's member but the only problem is the yearly cost associated with it.

Can I buy an imported air rifle without club membership. Please let me know ASAP

Hello relish sports, do i need to have any kind of Air Rifle Association membership to purchase your items ?

To buy Dan wasson 4.0 is it compalasry to be member of rifle association ?

Hi i dont have membership but i wana buy air pistol for self defense what can i do please tell

Is membership still required ti guy an airgun?

Is the air rifle club membership still required .

i am not a member of any rifle association club, can i get an airgun.

Hi I am not a member of any shooting club but i wish to buy a good air gun from Relish , how can the same been done.
I am from Nagaland.