Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Is membership still required ti guy an airgun?

Is the air rifle club membership still required .

i am not a member of any rifle association club, can i get an airgun.

Hi I am not a member of any shooting club but i wish to buy a good air gun from Relish , how can the same been done.
I am from Nagaland.

I am a club member Can I buy a air pistol from you for practice ? How will you deliver it to my doorstep ?
R R Joshi

can i buy an imported air rifle without club membership

can u advice me on a entry level air pistol

hi i am not a member of club associatation or dosent own arm license.Can i buy Dan Wessson 2.5''CO2 Rivolver

Hello relish sports, do i need to have any kind of Air Rifle Association membership to purchase your items ?

Has the rule on owing Rifle Club Memberships for purchasing Imported Airuns changed? Do we still need licenses to purchase an Air gun?