I have purchased a Hatsan 125TH Air Rifle from Relish Sports. The Rifle was very well packed and Mr. Zafar did every thing what he told about packing and delivery. Extremely impressed with the prompt delivery and well packaged/ secured items. Mr. Zafar Bahi Hats off to You. About the Rifle, The Hatsan 125TH has great power and accuracy. The rifle has a nice recoil and not at all recommended for kids. Its heavy but very well balanced. I think for the price its awesome.
Originally posted on Tuesday 07 May, 2013

I had purchased a marauder and its accessories from Relish Sports. The shopping experience was wonderful and totally hassle free. Recived very good response and guidance from Mr Zaffar regarding the product. Highly recommend.
Originally posted on Monday 06 May, 2013

I ordered an gamo silent stalker whisper air rifle.It was delivered exactly in 14 days, this air rifle shoots very accurately, it is well balanced and it is quitter than you think. nicely packed with great care, unbeatable serivce and good response towards costomers,handful thanks to Mr zafer
Originally posted on Monday 06 May, 2013

I have purchased a Fx Verminator MkII from Relish Sports, together with a whole bunch of accessories.
Mr. Zafar through his superlative and impeccable service provides an outstanding personal shopping experience.... Extremely impressed with the prompt delivery and well packaged/ secured items... Now only wishing for availability of JSB pellets...
Originally posted on Tuesday 23 April, 2013

superb experience and excellent service and gem of a person
Originally posted on Friday 19 April, 2013

i had ordered a diana 350 feuerkraft from relish sports online , i recived the product two days ago,, exactly in 14 days flat with no hassels & in perfect condition , the product was delivered in the promised time, at the promised amount , at my doorstep , a million thanks to zafar bhai & his team ,,
Originally posted on Saturday 06 April, 2013

Excellent Service and very prompt of the given time me and my friends imported two walther dominator & one walther cp88. I received all my orders on the 13 th day of the order well packed the best service ever provided by any else in the whole country.
Mr Zafar is very reliable and we can trust him at any point , very prompt to his words.
Md Arif
Originally posted on Wednesday 20 February, 2013

hello, i have purchased Walther 12 gm co2, excellent service, very cooperative, and a good person.. .. hats off
Originally posted on Saturday 09 February, 2013

I got my pellet loader by Crosman from Relish Sports within 4 days. It carries 16 Pellets and as functions just like a syringe. You can load your break barrel now with your leather gloves on. It feeds the pellet straight in the breech, better than you can do by your fingers, i;e without damaging the pellet face while you force it in.
Not recommended if the rifled barrel at the breech is worn on your rifle, you might load two pellets at a time.
Originally posted on Tuesday 22 January, 2013

The H&N Exite Econ Pellets are best wadcutters for target shooting. They are not too heavy and neither too light making them perfect for cutting a bull's eye. I suggest these for practice and the Finale Match for competition.
Thanks to Relish Sports for making these pellets available to all hobbyist shooters across India.
Speedy delivery!
Do not forget to order a Crosman Pellet loader if you have a brake barrel with a tight breech that makes it impossible to load a pellet straight by hand.
Originally posted on Tuesday 22 January, 2013