Date added: 12-11-2013 Which Airgun to Buy?

Which Airgun should I buy?

This is the first question which strikes our mind when shopping for airguns, and the search for one can be real challenging.

It's just like stepping out to buy a car and you get hit by a storm of questions.

Should it be a SUV, a sedan or just a hatchback ?

Should it have superior leather interiors?

A luxurious and comfortable ride?

Do I need it to commute in city or will I primarily be using it for off roading ?

I need one with more mileage and want it to be more economical and how could I forget, what color should I go for ?.

We could go on and on just like all those applicable questions which chase you when it comes to buying airguns.

Using the above example you then prepare a questionnaire which could help make the right choice. Let's start with what would our primary use be?

If you are out there target practicing, plinking or outdoors, you’ll always like to have a light backpack to take to the range or outdoors. Lesser equipments and accessories for maintenance of your choice of airgun to tag along.
Springer are robust and less fussy with the additional equipments and accessories you would have to carry along. Pre-charged pneumatics' (PCP) would be a great choice and could have many advantages which we are about to talk. Weihrauch and Diana springer's have been legends as we talk about springer's. They are many models you could choose from and each one would have a distinct feature from the other. Then you have your gas-ram's which are loved equally by our fellow air gunners due to its advantages. You could leave a gas ram cocked without worrying about it, unlike a springer.

PCP's have their advantages and you do have to accept the maintenance that tags along. You ought to need a lot of equipment when it comes to PCP, even though nowadays regulated PCP's could give you anything between 50 to 100 shots per fill and that makes them the perfect airgun you want to carry with lots more advantages. You have lot of choices, like multishot or semi-auto and that just makes it all the more practical in the field, not having to reach out to every pellet for the next shot. Most PCP's have much lesser recoil which is a plus when it comes to shooting accurately. That does not mean springers do not shoot accurately, you have to master the hold to shoot as accurately as a PCP. With PCP's you have to have a pump or compressor to fill your airgun. (There are a hand few models which have a built in pump you would have to manually fill air) You could also buy appropriate approved cylinders and have that filled from your own compressor or a commercial factory who provides those services. You will need to have the fill adapters, the silicon lube to have the O-rings lubricated periodically. These are some of the additions which tag along with PCP's and you can't rule them out. There are many more, but I think I touched on what you would need the most.

Since we spoke about PCP's we can't miss its fellow companion the Co2's, they do have their pros and cons like any other airgun. Good thing is you don't have to carry all those pneumatic pumps, appropriate approved heavy cylinders for filling, likewise for a PCP. You could throw in a couple of your Co2 powerlets into your backpack and should be sorted out for a day outdoors or a day at the range. When you use powerlets, most won't have to bother carrying those fill adapters too. Most Co2 do recommend a dab of pellgun lube oil on the head were the powerlet get pierced when you load a powerlet which further keeps the O-Rings lubed periodically in Co2 airguns.(Read your manual for lubing instructions) The major disadvantage with Co2 airguns would be the drop and rise in power due to cold and hot weather and thereby impacting the point of impact while shooting. Running cost for Co2 airguns would be on the higher side due to Co2 powerlets which you would have to buy.

Price Range

Just like cars airguns can be chosen from a low priced range to higher priced daystates. As you move up the ladder you pay for the craftsmanship, the enhanced features, better quality of materials used in manufacture, reliability and many more. That does not mean the one you choose in a mid price range or lower range is no good. It would have its own limitation when it comes to features and the materials used by manufacture. The beauty, I like about airguns is that it's for everyone and you sure will find the right one in your budget. You have a whole wide choice of companies manufacturing airguns today and even with those multiple companies, lots of choices within companies with the lower and higher price range. Some of the top brands which come up when it comes to airguns would be Daystates, Steyr, Feinwerkbau, Weihreauch, Air Arms, FX and the list goes on. There are also many bull pup styled airguns catching up with fame and popularity in the airgun market with loads of features making them a proven choice.

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I want air rifle for hunting.

For hunting

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